Receiving Higher Search Engine Ranking Positions With Google’s New Update

Google has a tendency of mixing things up with regards to how they rank people’s internet sites inside their results. For this reason you need to be aware of the changes that they make and how it affects your website. Together with Google’s latest update they are placing more emphasis on how long men and women stay at your website and when they interact with your website. Because this is now a major ranking point for your site were going to be talking about a few steps you can take in order to keep folks on your internet site for a longer period of time.

One of the initial steps you can take in order to keep people on your website longer is to make sure that all external links which leads to another page open up in a new window. This way when men and women are going to a new site from your website, your internet site will still be open in the browser below the new site. Google will then assume that these men and women are remaining on your internet site because you have good content. Normally when a site opens up a new window the individual who clicked on the link will leave the original window opened while they take a look at the other site. What this means is that for however long they’re on the other internet site your website will still be opened in the window underneath that one.

One more thing you can do to get people to interact with your internet site and get them to remain on your site longer is to offer them a free download. This can be accomplished by adding a pop-up to your website when a new visitor comes to your site. This pop-up should contain an extremely simple message saying something like ” click here to download a free E book”. The link in the pop-up should not lead them to a different website but to a different page on your site. This will keep them on your site longer, and in addition show Google that they are going to more than one page on your internet site. Needless to say on the next page that they go to you can make use of that in an attempt to capture their e-mail address. By utilizing this technique not only are you going to be helping your search engine ranking but you will also have the ability to create a list.

You should also bear in mind that the basics of SEO are still very important. The basics of seo are still in effect, this is merely an add-on to Google’s algorithm. Although Google has updated their algorithms the constructing of back-links is still extremely essential in your search engine placement. Most men and women are aware of the significance of back-links but if you’re not, you should comprehend that this will greatly effect your rankings. So if you really want to boost your rankings you should start using these simple techniques as soon as you can. I’m sure you’ll have the ability to find other ways to keep people in your internet site longer, but this is a good place to start.