Reasons to Buy Absinthe Online

Buying absinthe online is much less simple as walking into a liquor store and purchasing a bottle of absinthe. Although a bit difficult, buying absinthe online is still possible plus you’ve got to have few precautions. US citizens face issues when they have to buy absinthe online, as thujone that is an important active component in absinthe is banned in the United States. However, it’s been demonstrated that thujone doesn’t cause hallucinations similar to cannabis as earlier considered.

Production and sale of absinthe in the United States is firmly disallowed; nevertheless, importing absinthe which doesn’t contain any traces of thujone is permitted. For purchasing any kind of alcohol you have to be 21 years or older and anyone found violating this law is charged. There are numerous who are enthusiastic about buying absinthe in the United States. So what is it that pulls lovers of fine liquor to absinthe?

Well, absinthe is the most famous and controversial liquor produced from herbs just like wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), green anise, fennel seed, angelica root, star anise hyssop, melissa, and peppermint leaves. The herb wormwood is the most essential ingredient and it consists of thujone that is accountable for absinthe unique effects. Absinthe liquor is bitter to taste thus it’s always taken with sugar and ice-cold water. Absinthe drink is prepared by using a traditional ritual.

In the standard French ritual a unique absinthe glass, absinthe spoon, sugar cube, and ice-cold water is required. An ounce or two of absinthe is added in the glass as well as an absinthe spoon is kept above the rim of the glass. The absinthe spoon has perforations in its basin. A sugar cube is kept on the spoon and ice-cold water is poured over the cube from an absinthe fountain, as the water dissolves the sugar cube it falls through the perforations into the glass. The clear green absinthe becomes turbid or milky white as the essential oils from the herbs get precipitated. This is what’s called louching of absinthe. Some more ice-cold water is added in and the drink is ready. Absinthe was very popular in Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth century and was more popularly called as “The Green Fairy” or “Green Muse”. However, because of certain misconceptions and rumors absinthe was banned in Europe and North America during the 20th century.

While in the light of latest evidence displayed by scientists during 1999 most European countries lifted the ban on absinthe and it’s now readily available to people. In the United States it remains prohibited; however, US citizens can buy absinthe online from a variety of online retailers. Absinthe is a powerful alcoholic drink as well as the alcohol content is as high as 60%.

Since buying real absinthe is illegal in the US many replicas of absinthe are sold online. You should be cautious with such fraudulent websites which promise to ship you the genuine thing. You can buy absinthe online from a few of the most respected distillers in Europe. The absinthe shipped will be minus thujone and perfectly legal. Purchasing absinthe from French distilleries is also a good option and the product you receive doesn’t contain thujone. Nonetheless, when ordering absinthe online you ought to be careful as some websites might be illegal.

Perhaps the most suitable choice available for US citizens is to obtain absinthe kits from non-US makers and prepare your own absinthe at home. The kit includes all the essential herbs, guidelines on preparation, rituals and other accessories like spoon, straining cloth, etc you can prepare a couple of liters of absinthe liquor from just one kit that could keep a party of eight going until dawn. Serving absinthe at a party will also earn you the title “King of good times”. One place from where you can be assured of good quality herbs and genuine absinthe essence is

You should order your kit and spend a night in the company of friends and the legendary “Green Fairy”.