Get the fiery flavor of Absinthe, totally alcohol-free

The taste of Absinthe, the favourite on the old masters, is now obtainable for carbonated drinking water. Aromhuset has developed a spicy Absinthe flavor which is effortless to administer either direct from the bottle or by pipette. Gert Strand believes that Absinthe, with its mature flavour and slightly bitter undertone, is an interesting flavour for those with more formulated tastes.

Both Van Gogh and Hemingway were known for their appreciation of Absinthe. As a high-alcohol content material drink containing hallucinogenic neurotoxins it was a drink that was at house in artistic and bohemian circles. It has even been suggested that Absinthe was responsible for driving Van Gogh to madness.

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Today you’ll find no neurotoxins in Absinthe, but with an alcohol content within the 60-70% variety it requires extremely tiny to feel the effects. The taste is really distinctive with a touch of liquorice originating from the numerous spices within the recipe, for instance anise and wormwood.

Altough it still tastes great, drinking pure Absinthe causes an intense burning sensation inside the throat and is not to be recommended. For this reason Absinthe is normally mixed with water, which also has the effect of clouding the characteristic vibrant turquoise colour.

Now it’s possible to obtain the distinctive flavor of Absinthe with zero alcohol. Aromhuset has developed an essence of herbal extracts and oils that tastes precisely like the Absinthe observed in off-licences, but without the burning sensation or the intoxicating effects. The flavor is spicy and fiery having a hint of bitterness that individuals of sophisticated tastes will appreciate.

In the event you wish you are able to also try mixing a tiny of Aromhusets Absinthe with soft drinks. These flavours are suitable not just for carbonated h2o, but can be experimented with in a variety of approaches. Absinthe may well seem like an obvious flavour for a drink, but there’s no need to stop there. “Many of our fruity essences are outstanding as flavourings in everything from tea to cream and pastries”, says Thomas Ström, salesman for Gert Strand AB, the organization behind Aromhusets taste sensations.

Aromhuset has around 20 various flavours in its selection, from sweet to sour fruit, exotic and classic flavours that might be mixed nonetheless the mood might strike. The dosage is straightforward to apply using either the cap from the flavour bottle itself, or the accompanying pipette. Strand recommends beginning with with 2ml on the essence per litre of water. “That way you get a far more distinct flavour than anything identified inside shops,” he says, adding “after that it can be up to you to decide regardless of whether you want more or less flavour, or to adjust the dosage to the occasion.”

Flavoured carbonated h2o is a extremely popular item these days, but Strand insists that the selection remains really limited. The carbonated drinking water offered is quite lightly flavoured with a narrow selection to select from. It truly is convenient and more satisfying to mix yourself and produce your own favourite combinations of flavours. Strand also points out that he is on the lookout for new importers for his innovative essences.


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